What are the rewards of managing an online eLearning community?

Connie Malamed, aka the eLearning coach, ask me for an interview concerning online community management. My role as an online community manager at the Instructional Design and e-Learning Professionals’ Group at LinkedIn, which has 14K+ members all over the world, has helped me to develop a global understanding of the eLearning industry, find new friends, new colleagues, and new partners.

The questions of the interview were extremely interesting and I hope that you will find my answers valuable.  Some of the questions that were asked were:

  • What are the typical job tasks of an online community manager?
  • What personal qualities are important for being an effective community manager?
  • What are the rewards of managing an online community?
  • What kinds of rules must a manager establish for an online community?
  • What are common mistakes that new community managers make?
  • How do you think a person can best learn to become an online community manager?

Online Community Management: Interview with Christopher Pappas

=> If you have questions concerning my answers or if you would like help concerning online community management do not hesitate to leave a comment. I will answer you asap! 

Have a wonderful day,
Christopher Pappas

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