The most updated and informative eLearning community on Twitter

On Twitter exists a resourceful community of e-Learning professionals. During the last 2 years I was able to exchange ideas, share thoughts, and learn from this community of practice. As a result, I have created the following list of the most updated and informative e-Learning community on Twitter.By using this list you will:

  • save  time from making your own research to find the e-Learning professionals on Twitter,
  • have the chance to communicate directly with the e-Learning professional-(s) you want and discuss issues of your concern,
  • keep your self up-to-date by reading the tweets of the experts in the e-Learning field.

=> If you believe that an e-Learning professional should to be included in this list please write a comment with a link to his/her Twitter account.

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Jeanette Brooks
Community manager @Articulate. Foodie. Runner. Backpacker. Wife & mom.
@jeanettebrooks (Update 02/25/2011: suggested cre8ivell)

Rick Zanotti
I am a business owner, IT pro, Media Producer, Instructional Designer, techie.
@rickzanotti (Update 02/25/2011: suggested cre8ivell)

Summet Moghe
I like to call myself a Learning Generalist by profession.
@summet_moghe (Update 02/25/2011: suggested by  Kelly)

Aaron Silvers
Community Manager for ADL, Nerd, Music Geek. Learning is my thing.
@mrch0mp3rs (Update 02/25/2011: suggested by  Kelly)

Kevin Thorn
Stuff about all kinds of learning, elearning and instructional design.
@LearnNuggets (Update 02/25/2011: suggested by ME a.k.a. Kelly)

Jane Bozarth
World’s Oldest Millenial, E-learning Coordinator.
@JaneBozarth (Update 02/25/2011: suggested by ME a.k.a. Kelly)

Jeff Goldman
e-Learning Designer and Developer.
@minutebio (Update 11/30/2010: suggested by ME a.k.a. @cpappas)

RJ Jacquez
Adobe Senior Product Evangelist.
@rjacquez (Update 11/30/2010: suggested by gab1982)

Daisy Grisolia
Foco em ensino-aprendizagem, web 2.0, social learning – experimentação.
@DaisyGrisolia (Update 11/30/2010: suggested by Gisele Brugger)

Jose Erigleidson
Curious about knowledge & technology in the digital culture.
@erionline (Update 11/30/2010: suggested by Gisele Brugger)

Joao Mattar
Writer, edtech & distance education, professor.
@joaomattar (Update 11/30/2010: suggested by Gisele Brugger)

David Anderson
e-Learning designer and Community Manager @Articulate.com

Judith Christian Carter
Judith specializes mainly in instructional design & e-Learning.

Gisele Brugger
e-Learning designer & developer

Ian Huckabee
e-Learning and social learning laughter

Tom Kuhlmann
Tom shares practical tips & tricks for building e-Learning courses.

Connie Malamed
Consultant, writer and speaker in the field of e-Learning.

Karyn Romeis
Independent L&D; consultancy at Learning Anorak

Sathish Narayanan
Instructional Designer and Budding e-Learning Specialist


Brent Schlenker
New Media and Emerging Technology Analyst.

Rachel Troychock
Manager of e-Learning design and development

Paulo Simoes
e-Learning Evangelist

Cathy Moore
Tweeting a daily instructional design idea using .

Cammy Bean
Making better e-Learning throughout the world.

Jane Hart
CEO at the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Sahana Chattopadhyay
Learning & development consultant and ID.

e-Learning, edtech, instructional designer and Moodler.

Jenise Cook
e-Learning Designer and Developer

Edward Martino
Boomer geek turned Instructional Designer

Joe Deegan
Instructional Systems Designer

Tracy Parish
e-Learning and Instructional Designer

Rich Kiker
Instructional Technology and Design Consultant.

by @cpappas

  • Thank you Christofher.
    I always learn so much from you all.

  • Ed

    Thx Chris. Another good idea. I think that RJacquez should be here. As SR. Evangelist @ Adobe for TCS2 (includes Captivate) his work continues to advance web 2.0 concepts in eLearning

  • Hi Gisele,

    you are more than welcome!

  • Hi Ed,

    could you please provide me with a link to his Twitter account?

    Have a wonderful day,

  • Thanks/Obrigado for the mention, Cris.
    A great honour being on this list 😉

  • I indicate:
    João Mattar
    @joaomattar São Paulo – Brasil
    writer, edtech & distance education, professor: learning addicted!

    José Erigleidson
    @erionline São Paulo
    Curious about the relations between knowledge and technology in the digital culture

    Daisy Grisolia
    @DaisyGrisolia São Paulo – Brazil
    Foco em ensino-aprendizagem, web 2.0, social learning – experimentação

  • Hi Paulo,

    thank you for the information that you share! The honor is mine!

    Hi Gisele,

    I thought that you will nominate me…. kakakkaka
    Thank you for your comment. I will review the links and then I will add them to the list.

    Have a wonderful day,

  • Thaks for including me, but @karynromeis is my personal account, and I don't share much learning stuff in that stream.

    It would be better to include my professional account, @learninganorak

  • Hi Karyn,

    thank you for the info. I just change it!
    Have a wonderful day,

  • Hi Chris, thanks for those, really usefull 🙂 I did a quick google search and found rjacquez's account on twitter: its @rjacquez

    Graham Barnes

  • Thanks for this very usefull list

  • Hi gab1982,

    thank you for the info!

    Hi Miriam,

    thank you for your comment!

  • Many thanks for adding me to this list. Among great company. I really appreciate it, thank you.

    RJ Jacquez

  • Hi Rj,

    thank you for your tweets! Very informative for the e-Learning community!


  • Chris, some of my favorite learning leaders to learn from:
    Jane Bozarth (@janebozarth)
    Kevin Thorn (@learnnuggets)
    Aaron Silvers (@mrch0mp3rs)
    Sumeet Moghe (@sumeet_moghe)

    A few others on our Twitter-based list of elearning leaders:

  • Chris – I'd add @eLearningGuild, @rickzanotti, @jeanettebrooks.

    Debbie (@cre8iveii)

  • Hi Kelly and cre8iveli,

    I will add them asap.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Christopher Pappas http://t.co/jt9qoea

  • Looking for e-Learning on Twitter

    @brightaurora (twitter name)

  • Thank you Christopher for These precious datas.

  • Hi Christopher! Thanks for this opportunity. Please share with your group that they can Follow me on Twitter @SkillSeekers for employment opportunities within the e-Learning and Instructional Design fields. Thanks again!

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