10 tips for using eFront

Here is several practical tips for making your eFront experience more enjoyable

1) [professor] Zip and upload multiple images. Then just unzip on the server. This process is much faster than uploading one file at a time.

2) [admin] Use the search facility to locate users. Just type a part of the user name or login and the search will locate him allowing you to edit his info.

3) [professor] Use the open-source version to create locally lessons and then just upload them to you distant server. It is much faster!

4) [professor] Use Articulate quiz-maker, Articulate engage, Snag-it and Camtasia to produce rich media that will astonish everyone.

5) [professor] Create the structure of the lesson prior adding content

6) [professor] Copying from word directly to the integrated editor is possible but it adds unecessary word-specific tags. Instead, try to paste on notepad and then transfer them to the html view of the internal editor (it gives you much more control on your content)

7) [professor] Build a pool of questions first. Add dozens. Then combine them and create an unlimited number of tests.

8) [professor] Make sure you describe your lessons adequately. Your descriptions will be visible when users point the mouse over the lesson.

9) [admin] From the admin panel you can switch between a basic and an advanced external view. Also, you may create your own external pages with info for your organization. eFront, allows you to build any number of external pages with links from one to another so you can build complex external interfaces. Just remember to include a link to the main eFront login page as well.

10)[professor] Create small, coherent lessons. Then combine them to courses. Give diplomas for people that have finish courses to motivate them!

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