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5 Reasons to choose eFront


Especially suited for medium enterprises

When we designed eFront we wanted to create an e-learning solution especially for medium organizations -- organizations that range from 100 to 10000 users. We performed a comprehensive market research and came up with a solution that match their needs and requirements. eFront comes with all the tools and extensibility that makes sense for a medium enterprise ecosystem.


Well supported

eFront is professionally supported and although designed to last, you can always rely that someone is on hand if something does go wrong.


Easy to use

eFront is designed to stimulate thirst for knowledge by being easy to use with a visually attractive user interface. Maximize the time spent learning new skills, NOT learning how to use our platform.


Open in nature

We believe in giving options to the customer, which is why all eFront editions are provided with their source code. That means you can fully customize eFront to suit your organization’s unique needs, integrate it with other existing systems, customize its interface, and add new functionality through eFront's modular architecture. Or we can do all these for you.


Try before you buy

A lot of e-learning tools won’t even let you try before you buy. We go further, offering a completely free open-source edition of eFront. We’re convinced of the value of our offering and we think you will be too. Whenever you feel comfortable, we offer professional editions of eFront with additional functionality and exceptional security, scalability and support.