Why do big vendors find it difficult to create an outstanding Learning Platform?

The LMS is just “another line of business”

Big LMS vendors are often known for selling RDBMS or ERP licenses. These companies have not focused their efforts on learning and talent development from the very beginning.

"We believe that specialized software needs a talented team that has eLearning in it’s DNA."

elearning dna

Why is eFrontPro a better alternative?

As customizable as you need it to be

Need a custom integration with your company’s internal systems? Or a deep customization of the user interface? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. eFrontPro is built to be highly customizable and extensible. Rest assure that our team of skilled developers can help you realize your vision.

customizable platform

Made by real eLearning Pros

When you move to eFrontPro you will find a platform created by a pure learning technology company - as opposed to a DB or ERP vendor - universally praised for its flexibility, ease of use and great customer support.

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We can help you build a better training solution

See eFrontPro in action!