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All the features you need to make your talent thrive!

Fresh & Powerful

eFrontPro provides a highly customized eLearning experience to fit your brand and preferences. Designed from the ground-up to bring consistency through a responsive, mobile-first design, it works seamlessly across desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

eFront Pro - Fresh and Customizable

Craft courses, Effortlessly

eFrontPro delivers a start-to-finish solution that allows you to create and manage training materials from a multitude of sources. Reuse content you already have like Documents, Presentations, Videos, Images or SCORM & TinCan compliant content. eFrontPro can also consume web material from YouTube, Wikipedia, Prezi and other sources.

eFront Pro - Fast Course Creation

Youtube Wikipedia Vimeo Prezi Scorm Tincan

Unite Online & Offline

Easily manage your online and offline training programs. eLearning courses, classroom training and video conferences are supported as part of a single curriculum. Course prerequisites can be stated and course paths can be managed so that employees must take their modules in the right order. Multiple locations management is included so that employees see exactly where the session is taking place before they enroll.

eFront Pro - Blended learning

Nurture your Talent

Real talent development happens with microlearning activities and continual testing. We know this from experience and research with adults and children. “Little and often” is a non-intrusive way to increase employee knowledge and performance. eFrontPro makes continuous learning easy, practical and fun. Your employees can learn as they commute or travel, really at anytime when they have a few spare minutes.

eFront Pro - Easy tracking and reporting

Comprehend Strengths & Needs

Many organizations struggle with effectively managing their employee accreditation, certificates and skills. The sophisticated competency management tools within eFrontPro simplify and automate the process so that you are assured you’re getting it right. Proper skills management opens a world of opportunities for hiring, promoting and compensating people better.

eFront Pro - Blended learning

Evaluate at a Glance

Today’s talent development is all about understanding the individuals in your organization and empowering them to become better. That starts with good analysis and reporting of the data in your Learning & Talent Development Platform. Analysis helps to identify and highlight, and Reporting distributes this insight through easily understandable presentations. Learn about what your employees’ aspirations and goals are and empower them to achieve them.

eFront Pro - Evaluation

Gamify the Training Experience

Competition and fun go hand-in-hand with an extensive set of gamification features within eFrontPro. Use points, badges and the leaderboard to show accomplishment and success. Use levels to test your employees’ endurance and measure their progress. Make their development fun and drive their knowledge and performance up without them even feeling it’s work.

eFront Pro - Gamification

Form Communities for Success

Connect leaders and experts in your organization with other employees to create communities and networks, then leverage their experience and knowledge through collaborative tasks such as mentoring and leadership sessions. Watch as your employee performance, motivation and retention goes up and up. Harness social interaction for the benefit of your organization.

eFront Pro - Communities for Success

Supercharge your Extended Enterprise

Leverage the power of eFrontPro to extend Learning and Talent Development across your enterprise. Serve learning content from a centralized repository to any number of privately branded portals. Each portal can be personalized using distinct skins and features to provide a learning experience appropriate to any target audience.

eFront Pro - Gamification


eFront Pro - Collaboration and communication tools

Collaboration and communication tools

eFront Pro - Powerful e-commerce functionality

Powerful e-commerce functionality

eFront Pro - API’s and SSO - integrate it with everything

API’s & SSO - integrate it with everything