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Epignosis LLC releases eFrontPro 5 update

With the new eFrontPro 5 comes a brand new interface and an array of new features ready to be discovered.

This update is important to eFrontPro users as it ensures a smoother experience and overall improved functionality as the main objective. The team is dedicated to continuously improving the platform and overall experience.

"We improved and simplified eFrontPro to ensure that the user experience remains as modern and smooth as usual."  said Athanasios Papagelis, Founder and CTO of Epignosis.

Here is an overview of the new features and workflow changes present in eFrontPro 5. It is certain that users will appreciate the new changes that have been made as they have been based primarily on feedback and use cases. eFrontPro has focused on improving every aspect of itself from UI, workflows and interactions to the platform backend. All of this creates the new and improved eFrontPro 5.

eFrontPro Highlights:

  • New User Interface: Now user friendly and accessible. Changes to all online administrative, instructor and learner-facing pages have been made.
  • Course Catalog: A rethought and redesigned Course Catalog.
  • Flow Changes: Several major simplifications to the course creation process and streamlined the traversal flow options to reduce confusion around layout and terminology.
  • Custom Reports: A totally new custom report generator.
  • Custom Pages: A revamped custom page engine that offers further flexibility.
  • Integrated Help: The ability to access all support and knowledge base documents from within the eLearning portal.
  • Replacing system icons: A custom modern icon set means an updates portal feel.
  • Changes to the system settings: They are now even more organized for ease of use.
  • Reduced UI clutter: Merging or removal of unnecessary controls has made things easier to maneuver.

Epignosis introduces Android with SCORM online and offline support

Leading eLearning Solutions provider Epignosis has released an updated version of the android mobile application for its Learning and Talent Development platform eFrontPro with several new features, enhancements and workflow improvements.

The headline feature of the new update is its support for the SCORM eLearning industry standards, in mobile and offline use.

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is an eLearning standard that governs the way that content created in any software can communicate with an LMS or a Talent Development System, in order to register user progress, training status, quiz answers etc. SCORM 1.2, supported by eFrontPro, is the most popular version of the standard.

The new version of eFrontPro for Android allows users to load, process and view SCORM units, and sync their learning progress with the parent eFrontPro Talent Development portal.

While SCORM API compatibility is new for the Android application, native support for the standard (as well as for its successor, Tin-Can/xAPI) has long been offered by the eFrontPro platform for web-based eFrontPro use (on both desktop and mobile).

Two other major features implemented in the new release are support for offline images, which allows the user to download images related to some or all training units to their device for offline viewing, and support for Russian as an interface language.

The update, which also brings a number of smaller workflow improvements, feature enhancements, and user interface polish, is available in the Google Play store as a free download. Note that a personal eFrontPro account is required to use the application.


Epignosis eLearning Solutions releases native eFrontPro app for Android

Leading eLearning solutions provider Epignosis has just released a state-of-the-art Android application for its' flagship Learning and Talent Development platform, eFrontPro.

The new app is intended to serve as a microlearning focused companion to an eFrontPro web portal and features a streamlined user interface as well as support for microlearning and learning on the move.

Features of the new eFrontPro mobile application include:

Streamlined mobile-optimized UI

Let users focus on the content, with fewer distractions and an emphasis on microlearning

Offline studying (with automatic progress synchronization)

Download courses and lessons to study offline and see your progress sync to your main eFrontPro installation

Resume between mobile app and web portal

Switch between the full featured web portal version and the mobile optimized version, and still have eFrontPro pick up from where you left off


Test your learners when on the go or even offline with multiple question types and customization options

Unit and Course completion rules

Any unit and course completion rules that you've configured on your eFrontPro portal will also apply and work in exactly the same way on the Android application

Support for Branches (separate customizable portals)

Learners can login to their assigned Branch directly from within the mobile app

User progress and gamification achievements

Learners can see their study progress (including any points, levels and badges that they have amassed)

User profile access

Users can see their profile details from the mobile app

Multilingual UI

Support for German, Spanish, French and Greek localizations (with more to come)

The eFrontPro for Android mobile application is already available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded and used for free.


eFrontPro: Category Leader (GetApp) & 6th most User Friendly LMS (Capterra)

eFrontPro, the popular Talent Development and eLearning platform by the leading eLearning solutions provider Epignosis, has been named a Category Leader in GetApp’s Top 25 Learning Management System solutions. It also has been ranked at 6th place in Capterra’s Top 20 Most User Friendly LMS Software report.

GetApp, the premiere Cloud-based business apps marketplace, creates its quarterly rankings of the top Cloud-based business applications using a proprietary methodology that takes into consideration multiple factors about each reviewed software product. These factors include user reviews, feature sets, available integration options, mobile clients, media presence, reliability, performance, and security.

“As one of the top 25 LMS solutions in GetApp’s ranking, eFront has shown its strength in its positive user reviews, software integrations, and its security. Notably, an average user rating of 4.8/5 has contributed 12 points to its overall score of 44, solidifying eFront in 14th place for this quarter’s ranking.” , GetApp’s editor Suzie Blaszkiewicz wrote.

eFrontPro has a consistent presence in top LMS rankings, and was featured in GetApp’s Top 25 LMS app listing for 2015, among other placements.

Universally praised for its combination of powerful TDS/LMS features and renowned user friendliness, eFrontPro has also been awarded the 6th spot in Capterra’s latest LMS Software report.

Capterra, the hugely popular website for business software reviews and guides, awarded eFrontPro the 6h place in its Top 20 Most User Friendly LMS ranking.

“We are very excited about the continued recognition our software receives from both users and industry pundits and reviewers, and we’re especially proud that our revamped and rewritten offering, eFrontPro, already ranks with the best TDS and LMS solutions”, Epignosis CEO Athanasios Pappagelis stated on the new accolades of the eFrontPro platform.


Epignosis LLC releases eFrontPro 4.5 update

Epignosis LLC has announced the immediate availability of the latest update of its Learning and Talent Development Platform, eFrontPro version 4.5.

This release's major features are the introduction of Skills gap testing functionality and native integration with the popular eCommerce service Foxy Cart. As usual, the new release also comes with an assortment of improvements, bug fixes, and workflow enhancements.

Skills-gap testing

The new Skills gap testing functionality in eFrontPro 4.5 is part of a planned series of Skills management features that will be introduced in upcoming eFrontPro updates.

eFrontPro's 4.5 Skill-gap testing engine allows instructors to determine any gaps in their learners' skills and gives them insights into their understanding of particular topics, so they can create or adapt their training programs to better respond to their needs and abilities. Users that passed their skills-gap tests successfully, get the relevant skills associated with those automatically assigned to them.

In addition, eFrontPro's skill-gap testing engine has the capability to automatically suggest certain courses to employees that failed or performed poorly on particular tests, thus helping automate initial placement and course assignment.

Foxy Cart integration

The newly arrived Foxy Cart integration adds to the already comprehensive list of native eFrontPro integrations, to provide support for the popular third-party eCommerce and Shopping Cart management service.

eFrontPro's Foxy Cart integration gives users interested in eCommerce a full-featured sales solution, allowing them to enjoy a powerful cart and shopping solution right from their platform, hassle-free.


Epignosis LLC announces partnership with Warsaw-based learning specialists Tomorrow

Epignosis LLC, the leading eLearning solutions provider and maker of the popular eFrontPro Learning & Talent Development Platform has announced today a strategic partnership deal with Polish eLearning experts Tomorrow.

Founded in 2009 by learning industry veterans, Tomorrow is a leading eLearning and Virtual Reality services provider with offices in Warsaw and Lodz, working in the fields of online education, VR film and media, and VR-based medical applications.

Besides designing, creating and deploying eLearning and VR solutions for their customers, the firm also maintains its own R&D lab and has developed a series of novel eLearning solutions such as systems simulators, gamification technologies, and VR-related products.

Tomorrows' experienced team comprised of eLearning consultants, eContent designers, blended learning integrators, VR and gamification experts, guarantees the highest quality standards, helping businesses design and deploy eLearning solutions for all of their employee training and talent development needs.

The company, whose satisfied customers include large Polish companies, universities, governmental organizations and local government, boasts over 340 major eLearning projects, and more than 100,000 people that have completed their courses on the B2B market.

Under its partnership deal with Epignosis, Tomorrow will be an authorized reseller and support provider for eFrontPro in Poland, helping its customers take full advantage of the platform's powerful corporate training and enterprise talent development capabilities.

eFrontPro, a next-generation Learning & Talent Development platform, prides itself for its easy to use interface combined with all the important features for enterprise use. These include powerful course authoring tools, a flexible reporting engine, gamification and eCommerce support, multiple Single-Sign-On options, a comprehensive REST API, and the ability for independent configurations per branch.

Following eFrontPro's increased adoption in the enterprise space, Epignosis has been busy expanding its partner roster and global distribution network.

"Poland, with its vibrant business landscape and a 40-million-strong internal market, is very important for Epignosis, and we are excited to be working with Tomorrow to bring the full range of eFrontPro-based Learning and Talent Development solutions to its customer base", Epignosis co-founder and CTO Athanasios Papagelis said.


Epignosis LLC announces strategic partnership with German eLearning experts Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. (FKC)

Epignosis LLC , the leading eLearning solutions provider and maker of the popular eFrontPro Learning & Talent Development Platform has announced today a strategic partnership deal with German-based eLearning solution experts Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. (FKC).

Founded in 1996 by Guy Fischer and Thomas Knoblauch, Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. (FKC) is a premium eLearning services provider with offices in Munich, Frankfurt and Basel.

FKC's team of experienced employees guarantees the highest quality standards, helping businesses design and deploy customized eLearning solutions for all of their employee training and talent development needs.

The company, whose satisfied customers include companies such as the BMW Group, Bauerfeind AG, Munich Airport, Fresenius, Langenscheidt, BASF AG and Siemens AG, boasts over 10 million learners across 800 independent deployments.

Under its partnership deal with Epignosis, Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. will be an authorized reseller and support provider for eFrontPro in Germany, helping its customers take full advantage of the platform's powerful corporate training and enterprise talent development capabilities.

eFrontPro, a next-generation Learning & Talent Development platform, prides itself for an easy to use interface combined with all the necessary features for enterprise use. These include powerful course authoring tools, a flexible reporting engine, gamification and eCommerce support, multiple Single Sign On options, a comprehensive REST API, and the ability for independent configurations per branch.

Following eFrontPro's increased adoption in the enterprise space, Epignosis has been busy expanding its partner roster and global distribution network.

"Germany has always been a very important market for Epignosis, and we are excited to be working with FKC to help bring the full range of eFrontPro based Learning and Talent Development solutions and support options to its customer base", Epignosis co-founder and CTO Athanasios Papagelis said.


Epignosis LLC announces Bronze Sponsorship of the ATD 2016 Exposition (Denver, CO – May 22-25 2016)

Epignosis is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of the Association for Talent Development’s 2016 International Conference & Exposition, the top industry event of the talent development world.

For over 70 years, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) has been the premier professional membership organization supporting the knowledge and skills development industry, with evangelizing, policy recommendations and the organization of its eponymous conference.

Continuing this tradition, this year’s ATD 2016 International Conference & Exposition brings together professionals from the Talent Development and eLearning industries with key decision makers and employee development stakeholders from the corporate world.

The conference, which will be held in Denver, Colorado, on May 22-25, features numerous keynote speeches, round-tables and learning sessions, giving industry and corporate participants the opportunity to share their experiences, discuss the industry’s present state and future goals, and learn about innovative tools and solutions for designing, delivering, implementing, and measuring the success of their employee training and talent development programs.

Epignosis, a proud Bronze Sponsor of ATD 2016, will be exhibiting its 3 flagship products:

eFrontPro, the enterprise Learning & Talent Development Platform geared towards large businesses with high user volumes and advanced customization requirements

TalentLMS, our cloud-based Learning Management System, a powerful yet simple-to-use solution for businesses and educators

Snappico, an enterprise mobile app that builds on the intersection of micro-learning, gamification and infographics to deliver bite-sized employee training

Our representatives will also participate in industry talks, discuss potential partnerships and collaboration deals, and keep up to date with the latest innovations and trends in the field.

Epignosis’ team will be exhibiting at the Exhibit Hall, booth #1839, and everybody attending this year’s ATD is welcome to come and meet us.

For more information about ATD 2016, including dates, the keynote schedule, exhibitor’s list and registration, please visit the event’s page.


Epignosis announces partnership with US-based DHx Software

Epignosis LLC, the leading eLearning solutions provider and maker of the eFrontPro Learning & Talent Development platform has today announced the signing of a strategic partnership deal with US-based software consulting and services provider DHx Software.

Founded in 2014 by a team of experienced consultants with strong corporate and technology backgrounds, DHx is a results-oriented software development and integration firm that designs and implements business enabling solutions.

The firm, whose services include software systems assessments, software selection, application integration, development, support and consulting, has successfully completed hundreds of technology based projects in the United States, South America and the Caribbean.

Under its partnership deal with Epignosis, DHx Software will be an authorized reseller and support provider for eFrontPro, helping businesses adopt, deploy and leverage the powerful platform for their corporate training and talent development needs.

eFrontPro, a next-generation Learning & Talent Development platform, boasts an easy to use interface combined with all the necessary features for enterprise use. These include powerful course authoring tools, a flexible reporting engine, gamification and eCommerce support, multiple Single-Sign On options, a comprehensive REST API, and the ability for independent configurations per branch.

With eFrontPro seeing increased adoption in the enterprise space, the company has been busy expanding its partner roster and global distribution network.

"We are excited to be working with DHx Software's experienced software team to improve the reach and first level support options for eFrontPro customers," Epignosis co-founder and CTO Athanasios Papagelis said.

“DHx is excited to partner with Epignosis to provide the eFrontPro corporate training platform to our customers,” said Jim Duckett, Managing Partner of DHx Software. “We believe our unique blend of integration capabilities and background in the education space will enable our customers to adopt and implement eFrontPro efficiently and effectively.”

To learn more about DHx Software and its range of products and services, visit:


eFrontPro 4.4 update introducing rich content creation with H5P integration

Rich HTML5 content creation in eFrontPro just got easier, thanks to the introduction of native support for the H5P framework in the popular eLearning platform's recent 4.4 update.

H5P, a freely available, open source set of content creation tools and content exchange standards, has seen significant adoption from websites looking to provide rich and interactive online experiences to their audiences, leveraging the capabilities of modern HTML5 browsers.

With the native turn-key support for H5P content types in eFrontPro 4.4, instructors can now add rich interactive content (including videos, presentations, charts, games and more) to their courses as easily as adding any other content type.

In addition to the numerous ready-made H5P content types (such as interactive videos and timelines, memory games, find-the-hotspot quizzes and more), programming savvy content creators can also create and load their own H5P compatible widgets, with ample examples and documentation provided in the project's website.

"From the early design stages of eFrontPro, and the integration of the proprietary EncodeMagic content conversion engine, we have always focused on providing an easy, fast and flexible content creation workflow for our users. As such, we're very excited with the native H5P support landing in eFrontPro, as it enables a whole new level of rich interactive eLearning and Talent Development experiences.", Epignosis co-founder and CTO Athanasios Papagelis stated.

"I'm excited to welcome eFrontPro's users to the H5P community. A global collaboration on creating rich and engaging interactive content, and the technology for such content. I'm also looking forward to continue our collaboration with the visionaries at Epignosis LLC. I hope to see a lot of creative work coming out of this. We built H5P to empower everyone to create great interactive content, and I hope that we can achieve that together with and for all the eFrontPro users." H5P ounder, Svein-Tore Griff With, stated.

Aside from H5P rich content support, the recently released eFrontPro 4.4 also brings a large number of major and minor new features to the platform, including learning history, content versioning, 2 factor authentication, xAPI (TinCan) 1.0 support, self-assessment tests, and further Branch customization options.


Epignosis LLC released the new eFrontPro 4.4 update

Epignosis announced the immediate availability of eFrontPro 4.4, the latest update release for its popular corporate Learning and Talent Development Platform.

Taking the lead from eFrontPro 4.3, which introduced the Site Builder and a revamped Gamification Engine, and as is usual with eFrontPro updates, the new point update is not merely a minor bug-fix release, but introduces several major new features.

These include the addition of the H5P content creation toolset, learning history, content versioning, 2 factor authentication, xAPI (TinCan) 1.0 support, self-assessment tests, further Branch customization options, and plugins offering enhanced bookmark management and batch import capabilities.

The flagship features for this release are:

H5P content creation toolset

H5P is a collection of libraries and tools for creating rich HTML5 content. Using H5P, eFrontPro instructors can add rich interactive content (including videos, presentations, games and more) to their courses.

Learning history

eFrontPro 4.4 allows administrators to view the complete training history of a user and even revert them to a previous learning history state.

Batch Importer

The new Batch Importer plugin provides a quick way of automatically building your course and lesson structure from already existing SCORM content.

2 factor authentication

eFrontPro 4.4 introduces several 2-factor authentication options for increased security, including SMS tokens, Google Authenticator and email.

New Talent Development focus

Starting with this new release, eFrontPro will focus on its talent development features, aiming to be the best platform available, without of course losing any of its existing and popular eLearning management capabilities.

Further updates will expand both the talent development and eLearning features, but with increased emphasis on improved enterprise talent development workflows going forward.

eFrontPro version 4.4 is available for immediate download / upgrade.


Epignosis announces strategic partnership with UK-based business collaboration experts GBS

Epignosis LLC, the leading eLearning solutions provider and maker of eFrontPro LMS has today announced the signing of a strategic partnership deal with UK based business collaboration experts GBS.

GBS, short for Group Business Software, is a leading supplier of solutions and services for the IBM and Microsoft collaboration platforms operating in Europe, North America and Asia, and boasting over 5,000 business customers and 4,000,000 users.

Under its partnership deal with Epignosis, GBS will be an authorized reseller and support provider for eFrontPro, focusing on the recently announced eFrontPro for IBM Connections integration option that taps into the powerful social business platform to deliver truly connected social learning.

"We are heavily invested in the merging of our enterprise eLearning offerings with business platforms and solutions, and view our partnership with collaboration experts GBS as an opportunity to solidify our presence in this area", Epignosis co-founder and CTO Athanasios Papagelis said.

"GBS UK are delighted to add the eFrontPro product to their portfolio. This eLearning offering effortlessly complements our GBS FastWorks Compliance Management Software, allowing customers to streamline the delivery of compliance training and demonstrate competencies by delivering micro-training on a regular basis to their workforce. With the emergence of social learning and the integration with IBM Connections, we very much look forward to working with the Epignosis team." said Sharon Anderton, Managing Director, GBS (UK) Ltd

To learn more about GBS and its range of collaboration related solutions and services, visit:


Epignosis to participate in the 2016 IBM Connect conference (Jan 31 - Feb 3, Orlando, FL)

Epignosis, the leading eLearning solutions provider and maker of the eFrontPro and TalentLMS eLearning platforms, is pleased to announce its participation in the 2016 IBM Connect conference.

The conference, which attracts thousands of key industry players, executives, developers and business partners from around the globe each year, is focusing on social business and digital experience themes, centering on IBM's own Connections enterprise social network (ESN) platform.

Epignosis will be showcasing eFrontPro's recently announced integration to IBM's Connections software, called "eFrontPro For IBM Connections", that taps into the powerful social business platform to deliver truly connected social learning.

Taking full advantage of the extension capabilities that IBM Connections provides, "eFrontPro For IBM Connections" adds deep integration between its eLearning management system (LMS) components and Connection's social workplace, letting users see their training catalog and subscribe for courses and training events from within the Connections interface, and allowing managers to assign training content to their team members and users to create eLearning content and share it with their colleagues by defining communities around specific areas of interest.

"eFrontPro For IBM Connections" also integrates tests, assessments and surveys right from within the Connection's interface, providing an one-stop-shop where email, calendar, social connections and eLearning live side by side.

Epignosis welcomes anybody attending the conference that is interested in learning more about the eFrontPro eLearning platform and its integration with IBM Connections to come visit booth 606 and find out how the two platforms complement each other to provide the ultimate enterprise social learning solution.

For more information on the 2016 IBM Connect conference, visit the conference's webpage at:


Epignosis LLC releases Autumn update for its cloud-based TalentLMS eLearning platform

Leading eLearning solutions provider Epignosis LLC has just released a new update to its Cloud-based eLearning platform TalentLMS.

The release introduces new features across the board, with special emphasis placed on improved user interface usability and workflow improvements.

New features include:

- The ability to integrate third party videoconference options such as GotoMeeting /GotoConference or BigBlueButton

- Multiple custom pages allowing administrators to display static information to logged-in users

- Revamped search results offering additional metadata and information, and an always-on search option for instructors

- Extended course completion rules, including the ability for instructors to define a subset of units as a course's completion condition, making other units optional.

- Support for attaching files to all user profiles via Groups or Branches (an extension of the already available capability to attach a file to specific users).

- The ability to create certificates in portrait orientation

- The option for an administrator to log-in as another user for assistance / debugging purposes.

- The option for instructors to set Grid or List view as the default for a course.

The new release also brings with it several minor UX improvements, such as:

- A redesigned introductory course

- Quicker navigation from Branch to Branch.

- The merging of the User Profile page with their Progress report page, so that all user information is accessible from one place.

As always, the update also comes with lots of smaller enhancements, fixes and improvements in the user interface and under the hood.

The new release has already landed on the TalentLMS Cloud and is available to all registered users.

Mobile app beta program

Coinciding with the new TalentLMS update is the official launch of the beta program for Epignosis' TalentLMS mobile app.

The app, which will initially be targeting iOS devices, has been in development for several months, and is scheduled to be released sometime in early 2016.


Announcing the end-of-life of eFront 3.6 branch (including eFront open-source edition)

As of January 2016, Epignosis will stop any further development for the legacy 3.6 branch of eFront, including the open-source edition of the software.

This will enable our team to focus on our next generation eLearning platform, eFrontPro, which was built from the ground up with modern web technologies to represent our reshaped vision for what a modern LMS should be, while keeping the legendary flexibility and ease-of-use that made eFront special.

We will keep supporting customers of Educational and Enterprise eFront editions up to the end of 2016, and we will offer ample opportunities to upgrade to eFrontPro during this period.

We will also be in close dialogue with the open source eFront user base to help aleviate any issues caused by this transition. Downloads and support material for the open-source edition will be transferred to a new web-site during the next couple of weeks.

We would also like to thank those of you that spread the word about eFront FOSS and helped with suggestions, bug fixes, translations, and participation in the open-source forum.

While Epignosis still champions Open Source software and will continue to build eFrontPro on an open source foundation (leveraging open technologies and frameworks such as PHP and Bootstrap), we believe that the FOSS version of eFront failed to develop a large enough community of contributors and maintainers to be viable as an open source project.

With that in mind, we do not have any plans at the moment to offer an open-source version based on eFrontPro core, although this is certainly not off the table for a future version.

Note that this announcement only concerns the end of further open source releases of eFront. Already released open source versions will always remain FOSS, so anybody that has built upon them can continue to use them indefinitely.

As for Epignosis, we are doubling down on our next generation eFrontPro platform, with our usual commitment to comprehensive and fast-paced update releases and world-class support.


Epignosis LLC Welcomes Our New VP of Global Business Development for eFrontPro

Epignosis LLC, the leading Learning Solutions provider, is proud to welcome Simon Birt, a thought leader and expert in TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning), Social Business Strategy & Implementation, Strategic Thinking and Global IT Integrations, to its London office as VP of Global Business Development for the eFront and eFrontPro eLearning management platforms.

With a background in technology and business development and over 20 years of extensive experience in the IT industry, especially in regards to the Enterprise Learning space, Simon will be key in managing the global growth of eFrontPro-based solutions through the expansion of our partnerships, local channels, reselling and support options.

Dimitris Tsingos, Epignosis CEO and co-founder, said “Simon’s Learning Industry experience and proven track record make him a key asset to the Epignosis team. His appointment marks the beginning of a new era for our global marketing strategy, and is a sign of our commitment in providing best of breed Learning solutions for the enterprise market”.

”Epignosis is well positioned for the next phase of business development, which is essentially a break-out from the virtual to the physical marketplace; in other words, getting large numbers of partner salespeople into customers on our behalf”, Mr. Birt stated.


Epignosis extends its reach in Asian markets

We are pleased to announce two new partnership deals aiming to expand our reach to the Asian markets, especially Japan and China.

This week, Epignosis CEO and co-founder Dimitris Tsingos, is visiting Japan to sign a partnership agreement with Tokyo based Brastel Telecom, and China in order to partner with eLearning consulting agency Shanghai 4INS Intelligent Technology Ltd. for the resale and implementation of eFrontPro based solutions for the Chinese market.

While in Japan, Tsingos, in his capacity as the President of the European confederation of young entrepreneurs, will attend the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Leadership Assembly in Yokohama, aiming to promote youth entrepreneurship as a key factor for growth in the G20 member states. In the context of the summit, the Epignosis CEO will also meet with the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister.

Epignosis looks forward to be working with our Asian partners, and to expanding our products’ reach to China and Japan.


Epignosis releases flagship LMS eFrontPro 4.2.0 update

Leading eLeaning solutions provider Epignosis released the latest update release of their LMS platform eFrontPro.

eFrontPro 4.0, which began life last year as a rewritten from scratch successor to eFront 3.0 based on modern standards and a flexible future-proof architecture, is Epignosis flagship LMS product, in addition with its Cloud-based TalentLMS offering.

The new release, eFrontPro 4.2.0, introduces a number of significant new features, including revamped support for Instructor Led Training and integration with the OpenSesame marketplace for eLearning content.

The release also places special emphasis on security, with several new security options and an automated update mechanism to keep user deployments up to date.

Specifically, eFrontPro, introduces:

Revamped ILT: new features and updated handling of physical world training and webinars, with automated waitlist management, resource sharing prevention, and iCal invitations. BBB and Webex integration also enables one-clic setup of webinars.

OpenSesame Integration: eFrontPro integrates with the OpenSesame service, a huge marketplace of SCORM ­compatible content that users can purchase and add to their eLearning offerings.

One-click upgrades: from eFrontPro 4.2.0 onwards users can update to the latest version by just clicking the "upgrade" button from within the management interface.

Sync from file: eFrontPro 4.2.0 can periodically check for CSV files in specific folders and import their contents, as a quick and easy way to integrate external data.

New calendar: eFrontPro 4.2.0 introduces a new and more powerful calendar widget, featuring drag-and-­drop handling of events and one-click export of its data in iCal format.

New question types: eFrontPro 4.2.0 also introduces the HotSpot and Matrix question types.

Security: The new release adds a Security tab in the Settings page that makes configuring the various security options easier. New security features include password expirations, password reuse prevention, automatic account lockup after unsuccessful login attempts, and more.

File Library: A simple to use file library is now available in all lessons.

As usual, eFrontPro 4.2.0, which is available immediately, also includes a host of smaller features, bugfixes and enhancements.


Epignosis announces the launch of eFrontPro

Epignosis, the leading worldwide e-learning solutions provider, is proud to announce the launch and immediate availability of eFrontPro, the newest member of our highly successful eFront product family.

Designed from scratch to take advantage of the newest web technologies, eFrontPro combines the depth of eFront with a new fluid interface, revamped reporting and support for blended learning, while maintaining the familiar ease of use and reliability that the eFront brand is known for.

We listened to our costumers and users, studied their needs and use cases, and did extensive research into what makes a good e-learning tool and where the industry's future lies. Then we went back to our labs and painstakingly re-evaluated and improved upon every aspect of eFront, updating our codebase with the latest standards and technologies.

Here are some of the ways in which eFrontPro represents a huge step forward in LMS platforms:

Redesigned UI
eFrontPro has been redesigned using the latest internet UI paradigms (responsive design, bootstrap-3, and modern HTML5 for the geeks out there). That means it works and looks great in all modern devices, desktop or mobile. We've also uncluttered the interface to provide a seamless and intuitive workflow.

Content creation made easy(er)
With eFrontPro we focused on intuitive content management, making it really easy to create and re-use your e-learning material regardless of format. You can reuse PDFs, Videos, Audios, Images, SCORM and Tincan content or leverage web material from Youtube, Vimeo, Prezi and other sources.

Reporting 2.0
With eFrontPro we revamped our reporting tools to provide more clarity and easier access to key information, including a whole new filtering system so that you see just what you need. To top it all, our new visualization of user activity offers a stunning way to report your learners' progress.

Blended learning
eFrontPro provides all the tools you need to manage a blended learning environment that includes both your online and offline training programs. With our innovate "classroom" course type you can organize and moderate physical world courses online with the same ease of use that eFront always offered for your e-learning courses.

Offline mode
Leveraging the latest web technologies, eFrontPro lets you work online and offline with equal ease. With our innovative offline content feature you can download a lesson for offline viewing directly within your browser. Perfect for catching up on your studying on an airplane or train ride.

Revamped re-selling capabilities
eFrontPro offers a wealth of e-commerce extensions, including Paypal-Pro support, and new ways to handle complex e-commerce relationships through Group-accounts, Contracts and Price Tracks.

That's just the tip of the iceberg ― we have taken the time to rethink and improve upon almost every part of eFront's operation, while still keeping the same familiar interface and focus that our users love. We believe that eFrontPro represents a huge step forward in e-learning solutions, and is a perfect fit for the needs of modern enterprises, organizations and educational institutions.

Interested? Visit today to take eFrontPro for a test drive, or contact us at or to learn more about our e-learning solutions and products.


eFront hosted Energy University website voted top EU Sustainable Energy learning resource for 2014

Epignosis, leading global provider of e-learning solutions, is proud to announce that (eFront hosted) Energy University website was recently awarded 1st place in the Learning category at the European Union's Sustainable Energy Week annual conference.

Energy University, which competed with 342 projects from over 31 countries for the award, is a free online educational resource offering more than 350 vendor-neutral courses to help organisations identify, implement and monitor efficiency improvements within their data centres.

The award winning website, created by global specialist in energy management Schneider Electric, is hosted using eFront LMS, our best of breed e-learning platform that is trusted by hundreds of companies and organisations around the world.

eFront's powerful tools and our dedicated support network enabled Energy University to serve more than 600,000 courses to over 350,000 professionals, covering 180 countries and 13 languages. Moreover, as Energy University grows, adding roughly 7,000 new students per month and creating new partnerships with academia, governments and global corporations, eFront LMS empowers it to continue its expansion.

We at Epignosis want to congratulate Energy University's team on their award, and are proud of being part of their success story and their effort to globally promote energy efficiency awareness and best practices.


New Website Launch

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website after almost 5 months in development! You’ll see things are looking pretty spiffy around here and it’s all been completely re-coded from the ground up.

We have lived with the old design for 2 full years. During this short period of time, the old website gone from fresh to outdated (our world is accelerating, no matter if we like it or not). A few of our goals with the new website were to make it modern, faster, easier to navigate for users, and accessible from all modern devices.

We hope you enjoy the new website! Please feel free to send us comments or feedback.


Epignosis at the Future Internet Assembly

The “Beyond MOOCs: The Future of Learning on the Future Internet” session of the Future Internet Assembly (Thursday 20 March, 09:00-11:00) focuses on the latest trends and developments on the e-learning front. Our CEO and co-founder Dimitris Tsigos, will be presenting Epignosis’ tools support community and our personalised learning innovations based on the concept of "collective knowledge".

For more information click here


FREE eBook to download: eLearning 101 - concepts, trends, applications

We recently got together with the team at TalentLMS and created a FREE elearning eBook to download on everything anyone needed to know about elearning! This 'eLearning 101' book covers all important and relevant concepts, trends and applications of elearning. To read more about it check out this post or just download the eBook directly!


We'd like to welcome our latest partner on-board!

We are proud to welcome eFront's newest partner:

RM Education is a leading provider of ICT solutions to the UK Education market. Headquartered just outside Oxford they deliver everything educational establishments need to deliver technology-enabled learning. They also work with assessment bodies throughout the UK and internationally providing exam marking solutions. For more please visit their website


Epignosis and OpenSesame Announce Online Content Partnership

Epignosis Ltd., creator of eFront LMS and TalentLMS, and OpenSesame, the world's marketplace for online training courses, are proud to announce a new partnership to connect eFront’s LMS customers to more than 22,000 online training courses through the OpenSesame marketplace. "We are thrilled with the added value this cooperation can bring to our customers. A vast base of courses on almost any subject imaginable and readily available within eFront and TalentLMS is a win-win-win offering for Epignosis, OpenSesame and our clients," says Founder and CTO of Epignosis, Athanasios Papagelis, about the new partnership. For more please see the recent Press Release.


eFront was voted in Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013!

Thank you to all our clients and users who voted for us!

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013 list (released 30 September 2013) was compiled from the votes of over 500 education and workplace learning professionals from 48 countries. In this year's list, Twitter retains its no 1 position - now for the 5th year running - then comes Google Drive/Docs at #2. PowerPoint moved up to #5 and eFront moved up 19 places to #67.

For more, check out this post.


Epignosis Joins CloudBeat 2013 in San Francisco September 9-10

Epignosis, creator of eFront LMS and TalentLMS, and member of the Virtual Trip Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, has announced its participation in the CloudBeat 2013 conference to take place in San Francisco on the 9th and 10th of September.

For more check out this post and do check out the recent Press Release!


eFront Sponsored Open Source eLearning Network Event

On July 12th, 2013 in Birmingham, England, the eLearning Network will be holding a day of practical case studies, sharing experiences and debate which will cover how you should procure the technologies to support learning in your organization. There will also be a number of experienced speakers and panel members present who will discuss hot topics. You will also be able to explore a vast array of LMSs, authoring tools and other technologies. For more:


eFront LMS is a finalist at Best of Elearning! 2013 Awards

For a third consecutive year, Epignosis has been named a finalist for the eFront LMS at the Best of Elearning! 2013 Awards in the category 'Best Open Source Solutions.' Now in its ninth year, Elearning! Media Group hosts the only Readers' Choice Awards in the enterprise learning and workforce technology market. Recipients are chosen by Elearning! Magazine's reader community and users of elearning products and services via an open-ended online ballot.

At eFront we are honored to be nominated by learning professionals around the world for the third year in a row. There is no greater honor than to be recognized by the executives and business managers who use your products and services.

We would like to thank everyone who nominated Epignosis' eFront LMS as one of the best learning solutions this year!

To read the official Press Release click here.


Announcing eFront LMS 3.6.13 with Tin Can API Integration

On April 10th Epignosis Ltd., released a new version of the multiple award-winning eFront LMS – this new version includes the integration of the Tin Can API, several UI improvements, a WordPress integration plugin, a new introductory course, and a number of additional enhancements to make your favorite learning tool even better! For more details check out our latest blog post and our press release.


Who's using the Tin Can API? We are ☺

The Tin Can Adopters list is THE list to be on if you’re in elearning technologies, especially now that SCORM 2004 is on its way out. The latest Tin Can API adopters list includes both of Epignosis’ products: eFront & TalentLMS. We’re happy to be listed amongst the movers and shakers of the elearning world! For more:


eFront partner CLICK&LEARN wins customer satisfaction award!

eFront partner CLICK&LEARN has been awarded with the customer satisfaction award for Supplier of the Year in the category Learning Management Systems for a second consecutive year. The award was announced at this year's LEARNTEC, one of the largest international trade fairs for Professional Learning and IT that took place in Karlsruhe, Germany. For more, read the Press Release.


LEARNTEC 2013 - Partner wins award for eFront!

Once again eFront and partner CLICK&LEARN were at LEARNTEC 29-31 Jan, one of Europe' s leading International Trade Fairs for Vocational Education, Learning and IT.

What's more Checkpoint eLearning together with the Goethe University Frankfurt asked again 47 companies of the German-speaking market about their satisfaction with eLearning products and suppliers and as a result eFront partner CLICK&LEARN was awarded with the trophy Supplier of the Year in the category Learning Management Systems for eFront!

Check out the eLearningCHECK report (in German) for more!


eFront at the eLearning Expo in Lyon, 20-21 November

On November 20-21 eFront partnered with Distrisoft to exhibit at the annual eLearning Expo held at the EspaceTΞ“οΏ½te d'Orin Lyon, France. Distrisoft, eFront's partner in France, was founded in 2001 and has headquarters close to Angers, near Paris and in Lyon. The group has expertise in theareas of elearning, development, content creation, the delegation of personnel, consulting and integration. Distrisoft is also the exclusive distributor for Articulate in France and a distributor for Zyncro - a social and collaboration platform developed in Spain.  They presented the Articulate and Zyncro product line at their booth in Lyon along with eFront and TalentLMS

For reflections on this Expo please check out this blog post!


Meet us at the eLearning expo in Lyon, France Nov 20 & 21

eFront's French partner Distrisoft will be presenting eFront learning solutions at the annual eLearning expo in Lyon, France on November 20 & 21. You will be able to meet us at Exhibitor booth D03. If you would like to make an appointment with eFront's sales manager, George Kalfas, please send us an email! The event will take place at: The Espace TΞ“οΏ½te d'Or Lyon,8, chemin de la Fontaine 49190, Dene, Maine et Loire, France For more on Distrisoft and the event please visit this page!


eFront welcomes five new partners!

We are proud to welcome eFront's newest partners:

1. DistriSoft is a Premium Partner based in France with offices in Angers, Paris and Lyon. DistriSoft comprises of four separate companies working under the group name ‘Lyneas’; each company specializes in different areas :

- DistriSoft: Software distributor
- Instant Learning: Training and content developer
- XTmelia: Integrator
- Key Partners: Consulting

Other existing partnerships: Articulate, Zyncro, Media Semantics and Loquendo

For more visit their website:

2. Management for Technology Pty Ltd is an Affiliate based in Australia with offices in Brisbane, and throughout Queensland.

Their InItmedia Training Delivery Management System is a software product intended for training providers such as RTOs, government departments, training divisions within companies and similar training organisations. It provides a simple yet affordable means to deliver training content via online, CD, download and as an installable application.

eFront will be used to provide the web hosted training record system for their existing clients who are governmental, industry associations, training authorities, registered training providers and corporations. 

For more visit the following websites:

3. Putty Learning Technologiesis an Affiliate based in South Africa with offices in Johannesburg. Putty Learning Technologies is a learning technology company specialising in Learner Management System(LMS) implementations, administration and eLearning Content Development.

For more visit their website:

4. Proxy Technologies are an Affiliate based in the UK with offices in Rugby.

Proxy technologies is a software company seeking to leverage the power of both open-source and propriety software technologies to create products that solve problems.

Their primary business activities comprise of the following:

- Bespoke application development - both desktop and online based
- Online content management
- E-Learning content creation
- E-Content content delivery

For more visit:

5. Compact is an Affiliate in Greece with offices in Athens.

Compact is a very experienced company providing eLearning services in Greece. Compact is specialized in the provision of educational services either via e-learning or blended learning as well as social networking software system solutions (Enterprise Social Networks) to various enterprises and organizations.

For more on Compact visit:


ELearning! Media Group Awarded Epignosis for Best Open Source Solution

We 're very happy to announce that Epignosis eFront won the Best of Elearning! Award for Best Open Source Solution, and an Award of Excellence for Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Open-Source, or Content Supplier) at the annual Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, CA which were held last week, September 26th. So a big thank you must go out to all our voters! To read more please check out this post.


SDMS open webinar for eFront clients

eFront partner and leading UK staff development and personnel solutions provider, SDMS Ltd have been working very hard with the team at Epignosis to develop the most complete eFront extension to date. We recently announced the official release of this new classroom training module - designed to enable Training Managers and Administrators to plan and deliver face-to-face and classroom training courses and address the day-to-day operational tasks of training administration. With eFront-Learning course features, it provides a total blended training mangament system and allows you to deliver all forms of training from traditional classroom based courses, through conferences, team development, on-the-job workplace training and workshops to e-Learning courses.

If you'd like to learn more about this training module, we are holding two separate webinar training sessions to take place on Wednesday 26th September 2012 at 10.00am to 11.00am (GMT) and 17:00 to 18:00pm (GMT)

Please contact or to book your places for either training session, and confirm which of the two sessions you prefer to attend.


eFront Enterprise LMS a finalist at Best of Elearning! 2012 Awards

Great news! For a second consecutive year Epignosis has been named a finalist for the eFront Enterprise LMS in two categories at the Best of Elearning! 2012 Awards - the exclusive reader's choice awards program for elearning products and services:
- Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Open-Source, or Content Supplier provided)
- Best Open Source Solutions (Any category)
We are thrilled by this nomination and honored to be recognized by learning professionals around the world! We would like to thank everyone, especially our customers and clients, who nominated Epignosis’ eFront LMS in these categories. To know more about the Elearning! Media Group Best of Elearning! Awards and our nomination please read our recent Press Release.


We'd like to welcome our latest partner on-board

We would like to welcome our latest partner on-board! Optimus Consult LLC is based in Moscow, offers a full range of solutions for educational institutions and corporations in e-learning such as: development of e-learning courses, lecture-capture system Panopto, interactive whiteboards and projectors (business partner of Epson), staff training and technical support.


A new website from our Austrian Partner

eFront's Austrian partner, CLICK&LEARN, has just come out with a new website (which we think looks pretty fab!), and have put together a wonderful animated video on eFront (WWhat is eFront? or, Was ist eFront? in German) that we' d like to share with you! And even if your German is rusty the animation is still great and gets the concept across (check it out here) To read an interview with CLICK&LEARN and learn more about what they've achieved through their involvement with eFront please check this blog post


Webinars with partner SDMS

A webinar for our partners took place on July 11th following the joint product launch of the new Face-to-Face Training module for eFront Learning. eFront partners that attended the webinar had the chance to see a live demo of the Face-to-Face Training module and discuss commercial aspects of the new eFront module. For details on the module please read the recent blog post. Further online partner training sessions have been sheduled on Thursday 23rd August 2012, 10.00am to 11.30am and Tuesday 18th September 2012, 5.00pm to 6.30pm GMT.


Fujitsu US-Canada selects eFront Enterprise

After successful implementation, the eFront platform has become a standard part of the way Fujitsu Australia & New Zealand delivers training - so much of a success in fact that we have a new eFront Enterprise Fujitsu installation in the works covering Fujitsu operations in North America! We would like to welcome Fujitsu Canada and Fujitsu USA on-board!


eFront Classroom Training Module from SDMS

SDMS Ltd is a partner for eFront Enterprise e-Learning in the UK. SDMS Ltd is a leading provider of Staff Development, Personnel and Learning Management Solutions that have been developed with training and personnel managers in both the public and private sector over many years.

The SDMS eFront Face-to-Face Training Course Module provides a fully integrated module within eFront for the recording and administration of face to face/classroom training events, thus extending eFront to deliver a range of blended learning options. The Module will allow training administrators to:
- Create a Training Course Record
- Schedule a Training Event and Training Session
- Assign an Organiser to the Training Event
- Assign Provider
- Assign a Trainer to the Event
- Attach Materials to the Training Activity
- Set Prerequisites for the Event: Skills, Qualifications and Activities
- List Skills the Course will lead to
- List Qualifications the Course will lead to
- Assign Assessments to the Course
- Assign Rooms and Resources to the Event
- Enroll Staff on the Event
- Set a Price for the Event and Process this via PayPal
- Approve an Application to Attend the Course
- Record Attendance
- Send an email confirming approval, rejection etc.
- Allow Students and Employees to view face to face training course availability
- Allow Students and Employees to apply for face to face training courses subject to line manager approval or not availability
- Select and run a selection of reports on courses, schedules and delegates
- Provide a set of utilities for the module e.g. code customisation for training areas, course type, etc

The SDMS eFront Face-to-Face Training Course Module is a fully integrated SDMS Module within eFront, designed to enable Training Managers to plan and deliver face-to-face/classroom training courses and address the day to day tasks of training administration, providing a blended training management system.


eFront Partners network is expanding

We are proud to welcome eFront's newest partners from Jordan, Iran and Italy:

Resala Soft from Jordan has joined our growing partner network and is a business and information technology company specializing in professional services and managed solutions. Their highly experienced senior management team of specialists have a wide range of knowledge in building, designing, maintaining and supporting all aspects of technology enabled learning and business, addressing client needs and designing services to suit them and their budgets. They provide full technical support, monitoring and controlling of their products.

Sooren System Sharif Ltd from Iran has joined eFront as a partner in the Middle East - with their comprehensive solutions they make the implementation of strategic plans easy & safe, save time & money, and improve business performance. Sooren System Sharif Ltd. specializes in consulting, analysis, designing and building comprehensive IT solutions for large and medium enterprises. Their solutions, products and services include a wide range of applications in enterprise & educational learning portals, learning management systems, learning content management systems, business process management systems, business intelligence and many other web-based software.

Also new to the eFront partner network is Systema Consulting Srl from Italy. Systema Consulting Srl is an Italian consulting company that has been operating to improve the performance of its customers since 1997. In fifteen years they have developed methods and technologies -in both small and large organizations- that have allowed them to be recognized as a leader in consulting for certification based on international standards, advice on issues by enterprises and management software solutions for improving business processes.


New customers

We are happy to welcome the following organizations as eFront's most recent customers:

SONACA ( is amongst our most esteemed international customers. SONACA is using eFront Enterprise and is a customer of our VAR in France eLearning Solutions. For more:

Wentworth People Pty Ltd (Australia) is using eFront's Enterprise deployed solution - For more:

New York State Unified Court System is using eFront's Educational hosted packages