Partner Types

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Partner types

We offer three partnership types depending on the type of your company, available financial and human resources, as well as, how aggresively you are looking to grow your business.

Premium partner Value added partner Affiliate
Access to partners area and support material Yes Yes Yes
Support from eFront team Yes Yes No
Training from eFront team Yes Yes Yes
Member of partner directory Yes Yes No
Qualified leads from eFront team Yes No No
Need to have a web-precense Yes Yes No
Need to create a sales development plan Yes No No
Need to have dedicated technical stuff Yes Yes No
Scalable commision rates Yes Yes No
Apply for Premium partner Value added partner Affiliate

What you can expect from us

  • Lead Generation
    eFront is committed to generating and qualifying leads for its partners. Through acquisition marketing programs, eFront captures the relevant data to qualify and most accurately route each lead to the appropriate partner.
  • Training
    eFront offers extensive training for their partners to ensure that you are prepared technically to troubleshoot or address any questions from your customers.
  • Marketing Resources
    eFront provides marketing support ranging from pre-sale assistance to joint marketing activities and collateral.
  • Technical and Marketing Support
    Our Partners enjoy complementary Second Level Support from our team of technicians. eFront provides marketing support ranging from joint marketing activities to lead generation.
  • Commisions
    Partners receive a percentage on any sale of an eFront offering, such as Educational/Enterprise Sales or Hosting Subscriptions.

What we expect from you

  • Established business with strong financial health
  • Ability to commit and deliver on a revenue target
  • Availability of dedicated sales and marketing resources
  • A good understanding of e-learning space
  • Ability to establish and maintain a pipeline of customers and generate a steady flow of leads
  • A minimum of one sales and one technical representative