Arsakeio Customer Story - eFront LMS Reviews and Testimonials


Bringing a 184-year-old institution into the 21st century


Arsakeio is one of the most distinguished private schools in Greece. Founded by the Society for The Promotion of Education and Learning in 1836, this institution has a long pioneering history in education. 

Today, Arsakeio operates 6 distinct K-12 branches in 6 different regions, and serves more than 6000 students a year with the help of 700 teachers.

The training challenge

The school wanted to incorporate new technologies into their instruction strategy. On top of that, Arsakeio wanted students to have quick access to the learning material even when they were not at school. 

But there was a challenge. 

With the number of students and teachers being so broad, the school had to gradually integrate their platform into the actual teaching process without obliterating the overall learning experience. 

We wanted students and teachers to be introduced to eFront as part of a process, without encountering the slightest feeling of risk or frustration. Don't forget that 10 years ago, when we first started working with eFront, no one was as familiar with technology as they are today,” Vaggelis Argyrakis, Head of e-arsakeio Digital School, says.

But it wasn’t just about the students. Teachers, who were used to monitoring performance in class, had to have a clear picture of how their students performed in a fully digital environment, too. 

Why Arsakeio has chosen eFront

“The truth is that we explored alternative solutions. But the one thing that stood out to us first about eFront was the friendly interface and the clean, responsive design,” Vaggelis recalls.

But it wasn’t just about the outline.

Every day, all students log in at around the same time after they finish school, which would normally slow the system down. Arsakeio communicated with eFront’s support team who, in turn, made sure no speed or compatibility problem would ever appear. And it never did.

In addition to performance, the effortless operation was definitely another plus. “We started off with just one administrator, and this is how we still operate the platform without the need of any specialized staff, high administration costs, or extra requirements,” Vaggelis says.

eFront has changed our organization’s DNA.

The most demanding task they’ve accomplished? Customizing the system, creating different types of users, and designing different environments depending on the students’ age and grade.

We asked Vaggelis about the number one benefit of using eFront as their LMS. He insisted on professionalism, because “it’s a relief to know that a team of experts has got your back in case of an emergency.”

The results

The organization managed to put eLearning into action, and both teachers and students were really happy with the process due to the step-by-step method used to institute e-arsakeio smoothly:

  • Content digitalization: The very first step was to digitalize all the public education school books, including evaluation exercises and the so-called “Band of self-assessment” tests. Due to the volume of PDF files and images uploaded to the system, there was a surge of anxiety that the system would crash. However, even when more than 1000 students logged in simultaneously, the system kept running healthily.

And as Vaggelis says: “Today, this is something we don’t even need to monitor because we know eFront is going to work no matter what we throw at it.”

  • Interactivity: Soon, Arsakeio decided it was high time they added the feature of interactivity, so every student got their own password and account. Through their profiles, they could access their assignments, keep track of their deadlines, view their grades, monitor their performance, and, on top of that, communicate with their teachers.

What’s more, students could examine their progress in each class, as well as identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  • In-class use: Arsakeio, an academic pioneer, introduced the use of tablets during class early on. Students, now, use them to take their tests and notes right inside the eFront environment.

Arsakeio is equipped with hi-tech, interactive, electronic whiteboards. But how has eFront helped them make use of those in the classroom?  “Teachers wanted to use eFront to access information located in the system and project them onto the school’s interactive, electronic whiteboards. And it worked like a charm!”

  • Evaluation: Back in the day, students used to take traditional, paper-based tests, but “today, everything happens interactively in e-arsakeio and students love it.” Teachers, into the bargain, take learner experience quite seriously after they noticed students getting excited about the way their tests are delivered. “And the more excited they got, the more interested in the actual lesson they became.”

The most significant advantage regarding evaluation, though, is immediate feedback. Students do not have to wait for days to meet their teacher again and view or analyze their test results. Now, they can inspect them immediately after they have finished, and absorb knowledge much faster. 

Today, Arsakeio’s students are glad to use eFront every day, and teachers have uncovered the platform’s full potential. And as for the fear of missing their students’ performance? Vaggelis says that “with eFront’s easy-to-manage reporting tools, they can access this kind of information, and adjust teaching depending on their students' needs.”

Today, almost every other private school in the region has followed Arsakeio’s example. “And now, we can surely say that eFront has completely changed our organization’s DNA.”

Vaggelis Argyrakis 
Head of e-arsakeio Digital School, Arsakeio