eFront is used and loved by hundreds of organizations around the globe.

We found eFront to be the complete solution. It provided an extremely wide array of functionality, but was still simple and easy to use.

The technical requirements of the solution were straightforward. We could rapidly implement the solution. Fujitsu employees have completed over 10,000 courses in the past 12 months using the eFront eLearning platform.

eFront allows the supervisors to track the training of their direct reports. The ability to create content to transfer/capture intellectual property is key to the success of any business and eFront does this with ease.

The support of the eFront staff is the best in the industry. eFront is by far the best LMS on the market; all others are fighting for second place.

eFront has been a wonderful asset to our state's Comprehensive System of Personnel Learning and Development. eFront has allowed us to be able to effectively manage all of our participants, track their learning, run progress reports and collect information we were not able to collect before.

eFront has definitely become an invaluable asset for our program!

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eFront was multi-featured and flexible enough to fulfill all our requirements, in addition to having a clean, user-friendly interface.

We chose eFront because it fit all of our requirements and was the best LMS that we were able to find in the market, in terms of features and technology.

eFront offered everything we needed in terms of enterprise functionality and customization options - meaning that our clients got all that they required in a single LMS.

The platform has proved to be very stable and low-maintenance from a technical point of view; it's also so easy and intuitive, that our users need almost no onboarding.

The eFront platform has worked extremely well and has demonstrated its superiority, making e-Agent an elearning market leader.

The eFront team really show they care about customer satisfaction. They find ways to ensure your needs are met, even when they are very specific.

We are really pleased. The fast and straightforward support concerning modifications and enhancements is very important for Lenzing AG.

We are excited to introduce eFront into the company and are looking forward to receiving the cost and time saving benefits of using eLearning.

It has been easy to use and fits our need to compartmentalize our users quickly. We have not even begun to use half of the features that are available just because the basics are so powerful.

The reports can be quickly customized down to a specific user or course and all the way back up to total system logins and course completions.

Joe Russell
Account Manager

ENGEL has been using eFront as eLearning and Knowledge platform since 2010 and the response of our partners is consistently positive.

The eFront application and the prompt product support allow us to meet efficiently our requirements for Training and Knowledge management of ENGEL Company.

Dr. Wolfganbg Maresch
Head of Training Services

We've had the eFront system as our Learning Management System for some years now and it provides easy access to a number of training modules for approximately 500 staff across New Zealand.

Our users find it very easy to navigate and use and it is extremely simple to set up new users and new modules.

Graham Bunkall
HR Manager