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We support Free eLearning Resources and have posted the Free eLearning badge.

I support Free eLearning

If you support Free e-Learning Resources, use the following code to post the badge on your website and/or blog and share with your viewers (students, colleagues, etc) the Free e-Learning Resources.

If you are blogger and you want to share your Free e-Learning Resources with the e-Learning community, and you use the Free e-Learning Resources badge contact us to let us know. We will post your website and/or blog link on the Free e-Learning Resources page.

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Here is the list!

http://blog.efrontlearning.net/p/free-e-learning-resources.html“>http://www.efrontlearning.net/images/free_elearning_resources.jpg” title=”Free eLearning Resources” alt=”I support Free eLearning” width=”200″ height=”50″ border=”0″ />

Lets Connect, Interact, and Share the Free eLearning Resources!

  1. Craig Taylor – Tayloring It…  http://ow.ly/4dS7R
  2. The Learning Explosion –  http://ow.ly/4kuzJ 
  3. Jane E. MacKenzie-Smith – Articles http://ow.ly/4jKiR – Templates http://ow.ly/4jKlK
  4. aLearning Blog – http://ow.ly/4ygI9
  5. Designed for Learning!  – http://ow.ly/4ygMw
  6. St Andrews Lutheran College Blog – http://ow.ly/4ygK8

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