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I have read several articles about iPad for eLearning and I believe that we are missing the point. Why was the iPad created? iPad was not created for supporting eLearning and (or) mLearning instead it was created as a media device that supports books, magazines, newspapers, games, music, video and web access.

So the question is, why do all the professionals involved in the e-Learning industry care about the use of iPad for eLearning?

The answer is simple. Because, learning with iPad is actually a reality but not with the same processes that we used to develop eLearning courses.

Asynchronous eLearning
I read all the time “iPad is not supporting Flash”. Come on guys. Do you really believe that we cannot create an eLearning course without Flash? Maybe some organizations wish about that. But guess. Yes we can! As the demand for eLearning courses developed for iPad increases you should be sure that the major organizations in the eLearning industry will find a solution such as eFront (LMS) and Lectora (Authoring Tool).

Synchronous eLearning
iPad is not have an integrated camera but it supports video calls with FaceTime video calling. As you can understand it has a microphone and speakers that can be used with Skype and Google Voice. You should be sure that organizations involved in the eLearning industry will develop applications for videoconference specific for iPad. The first company that will develop an application like that will dominate the eLearning market for iPad.

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  • Ss good as an Ipad is there are other tablet type alternatives.
    Shouldn't we be using the term Touch Interface Device so that we, and our students, are not pigeon holed into only focusing on one device.

    This change of terminology will stop us from having our blinkers on. What happens if our customers do not have Ipads but instead have an HP device, Android based device or a Playbook?

  • Hi Shane,

    Thank you for your comment. I am not going to compare iPad with other Touch Interface Devices. However, as the post says, the demand for eLearning courses developed especially for iPad increases dramatically. To create an eLearning course for an android tablet is not as challenging as to develop an eLearning course for an iPad. Also, iPad seems to dominate the market.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Christopher Pappas MBA, MEd.

  • Group: Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals' Group


    I am currently working on an eLearning project for a law firm. They need the modules to be available via iPad and other devices because the time when the learners will have the opportunity to focus on the learning is when they are on a train or waiting in a court house or other remote location.

    Honestly, mine is glued to my hand and I can see many learning opportunities. Sales, new processes, anything conceptual can be delivered on an iPad.

    If you have an iPad, give some mobile learning a try and you might just start drinking the proverbial KoolAid!

    Posted by Janet Lamar

  • Group: Freelance in Instructional Design and E-Learning Industry


    As developers, we do everything we can reasonably do to develop for the devices our users prefer. iPad owners are simply too numerous to be ignored. Would that it were otherwise…

    Posted by Becky Kinney

  • Group: The eLearning Guild


    In the US, at least, media fill people's lives these days. It has been that way for a while. Likewise eLearning and mLearning tend to use rich media as part of the learning experience. With the iPad being great at delivering rich media interactively, it seems like a good fit. It is lightweight, easy to transport and learn, and people can learn to develop rich media applications with little effort. It also works well, as you note, at delivering more traditional media including books, magazines, etc.

    Posted by John McDermott, CPLP

  • Group: Rapid e-Learning


    To justify owning one? – was my first response & applied to me! Incidentally when I first bought mine (only version 1 though!) I had no idea about it's potential in the classroom, I just wanted one! Now I use mine all the time to plan lessons, share resources, develop training resources and so much more. Often it's a challenge to discover the limits of what new technology, such as iPads, can actually do and I think this is the reason why 'professionals involved in the e-Learning industry care about the use of iPad for eLearning'…..

    Posted by Sharon Young

  • it is very nice product i like this one

  • Group: Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals' Group


    Its generally the surrounding technology that dictates that device. Apple seems to have successfully overturned this mantra and now the device dictates the technology in the case of the IPAD. It offers two major advantages as a device. 9.7 inches of portable real estate and a fantastic touch based interface. Also the software development tools for the IPAD are freely available. .

    This does not mean that our traditional courses will look better on the IPAD. It should mean we create courses that exploit the strengths of the IPAD because people love to use it and it offers great scope for interactivity.

    This does not go with the traditional rapid development model that the industry is obsessed with but it would lead to some fascinating course-ware.

    Posted by Akshay Sainath Iyer

  • Group: Rapid e-Learning


    Christopher, I think you did a good job answering the question in your blog post.

    To add a couple of other thoughts to the discussion: an iPad — or other tablet type devices — is another extension of the "e" in eLearning. As such, our industry should make continued evaluations about the different channels of learning that become available over time. This won't be the last such channel and I'm glad you're asking the question so that we can continue the evaluation — even if just to keep ahead of the value that our customers will perceive in the utility of these types of mobile devices.

    Posted by ★ Mel Aclaro

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    Simple idea. Textbooks. If students just had an iPad, and was able to download their textbooks, not only would the textbooks never be out of date, but also they would have interactive features and links. The cost of textbooks for a college education could be significantly cheaper, with no need to sell them back. Costs to K-12 education for textbooks could be significantly reduced, reducing the current burden on our state budgets. Easier to carry around than a notebook, and there is just something about touching the screen to interact that is more intuitive than a keyboard.

    Eventually the iPad could do to the textbook industry that iTunes did to the music industry. BTW, has anyone been using iTunesU? Totally amazing, and the iPad is a much better form factor to watch these many fascinating videos and audio files than something like an iPod or iPhone, and one can even attach the iPad to a projector! Of course, one can watch all this from a computer.

    I must admit I just bought an iPad 2 today, and so far I think it is great. I will first be using it to figure out how I can make changes to my website to make it more iPad friendly, then probably start working on an iPad App.

    Posted by David Archer, Ph.D.

  • Group: Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals' Group


    I can tell you that in Higher Ed there is a lot of interest from faculty, staff, administrators, and students. The device has become useful for some people and not as useful for others. I agree with what others have said in that I don't think it's about wedging current instruction into the iPad, but trying to figure out how to get effective instruction on to these devices that people are using.

    It's good to notice why people are excited about iPads – they're easy to use, lighter than laptops, with longer battery lives. They're also experiencing a huge wave of popularity right now.

    Posted by Hans Aagard

  • Group: Freelance in Instructional Design and E-Learning Industry


    I think the possibilities are limitless. Before getting into e-Learning I was and still am musician. The iPad has radically change music performance. I can only imagine what the future holds in e-Learning with this device.

    Posted by Michael D'Spain

  • Group: Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals' Group


    I like the idea of using tools that people already own and are comfortable using to bring them some learning opportunities. The iPad definitely brings with it a lot of opportunity for elearning although that wasn't the original intent. I think it's just smart for people who are passionate about making learning convenient and fun to be cognizant of the tools that their learners are likely to be more comfortable about using to access the learning materials. If you take an adult learner who also has a full time job, after a long day at work sitting behind the computer I don't think that the motivation to go home and sit behind another computer is that high. The iPad is lightweight, doesn't heat up and has the screen real estate to present learning content effectively and the user can find a comfortable position to do that. That is motivation right there.As for interactivity, HTML5 presents a lot of opportunity for that. Here's the quickest example I could find:

    . There may be a bit of a learning curve to learning to use HTML5 – I haven't tried it so I don't know but I believe that programmers and developers will jump on the opportunity to come up with software packages that gives us all a 'Powerpoint' approach to developing interactive content for the iPad. It's just a matter of time but we can still do a lot with what is available.

    Posted by Sophia Baisie

  • The iPad has a lot of possibilities, but some apps I've seen are still falling into the "designing for the web" trap. I read a blog yesterday that talks about exploring all the potential the iPad offers for course design.


  • The iPad really does have a lot going for it. It has a market for just about everyone. I love the trend of using it for corporate training and learning. Learning is so much more effective when you are having fun.

  • There are ways to convert legacy flash content to make it work exactly the same way as it would work on a desktop. interactive quizzes, animations and all other functionality of flash can be replicated. The process is to convert all .swf files for the ipad/iphone, without taking the trouble of re-creating the content in x-code.

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